Mighty Boss multipurpose cleaner, 1 quart

Mighty Boss Cleaner QT

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Mighty Boss 11MB6 Cleaner and Degreaser is not harsh to your skin and unlike many similar products which can cause choking, it is much more user friendly when sprayed. This cleaner and degreaser has several applications, including machinery, gutters, vinyl siding, stainless steel, and more. Mighty Boss cleaner and degreaser consistently outperforms similar products.

  • Cleaner and degreaser can be used on machinery, equipment, soap scum, gutters, vinyl siding, campers, fiberglass tubs and boats, laundry and carpet stains, chrome, tools, stainless steel, stoves, ovens, pool liners, engines, wheels, tires and more
  • Mighty Boss cleaner and degreaser has been compared against many similar products and has consistently out-performed them all
  • Formula of the cleaner and degreaser is not harsh to the skin and user friendly when sprayed